Bachelor’s Degree Program

At iust University, we have helped many grown-ups complete Bachelor’s degrees in psychology, social science, administration, teaching, healthcare and more. We’ll help you get acknowledgment for what you know, distinguish what in any case you have to take in, and set up together a reasonable, competitive degree plan.

Transfer Credit Policy by iust University:

iust University acknowledges up to 90 exchange credits to our 120-credit degree programs. This implies that you may require just 30 extra attributes proportionate to 10 courses—to win a Bachelor’s degree from iust University.

Students are required to provide a resume and necessary details in order to process the credit transfer. In some cases, students may be asked to provide verifications the official evaluation committee.

iust University is now offer 20% sponsorship on following most applied majors:

Medical SciencesEngineering programsComputer Sciences & IT
Management ScienceBiological & Life SciencesChemical & Material Science
Social SciencesAgricultural ScienceCommerce / Finance & Accounting
Media StudiesTechnicalPhysics & Numerical Science
Religious StudiesArt & DesignEarth & Environmental Science

Earn Your Accredited Bachelor Degree from iust UNIVERSITY

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